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Giselle Bündchen – the Highest Paid Fashion Model in the World

The Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bündchen is the highest paid fashion model in the world with a formidable net worth of $250 million. She overpassed prominent models like Kate Moss, proving that the age and the motherhood are just facts of life and not obstacles in achieving success in the fashion world. Her multiple assignments that vary from the spokesperson deals, modeling gigs and independent licensing deals, have propelled her to the status of the highest paid fashion model in the world.

Giselle Bündchen - the Highest Paid Fashion Model in the World 2

She promotes renowned brands like Versace, Esprit and Pantene, rakes profit from Ipanema flip-flops and from many other products that bear her name.

The model is popularly known as the better half of Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback in the United States, but also as an effective spokesperson in Brazil. Over the time, she turned into a successful woman who is a role model for many upcoming young models who look up to Gisele Bündchen.

Her beauty brought her fame and her status as Victoria’s Secret ‘Angel’ has founded her place in the fashion world.

Gisele became the highest paid supermodel in the world due to her business acumen, property investments, endorsements, magazine shoots and licensing shoots, and is on the right track of becoming the first billionaire in the modeling world.

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