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Giethoorn, Little Venice of Holland

It’s difficult for us to imagine another place on earth that looks exactly like the incredible Venice, until we arrive in Giethoorn, Holland, where there’s what we could call “Little Venice”.

Giethoorn, Little Venice of Holland 8

Many of us are familiar with the beauty of the Italian city, known as “The Queen of the Seas”, where different islands are interconnected through water transport.

This idyllic place in the Overijssel province, Holland, can be accessed only by water and is known as the “Northern Venice”, attracting tourists all around the world.


The houses here built in the Victorian style are placed on little islands and connected by small bridges that seem to be detached from stories. The tourists can visit the gorgeous cabanas from this village which dates since the year 2000, when a group of French fugitive monks in the Mediterranean settled here. They dug canals for transport and have developed them according to the plans.  Today, approximately 3.000 people live in Giethoorn.

This is a popular destination especially during the cold season, which the skating enthusiasts love. Surrounded by a natural reservation named De Wieden, the village has a special coloring, being the ideal place for a holyday away from the noise of the city. This picturesque place has become more appreciated after it appeared in the movie called “Fanfare” directed by Dutchman Bert Haanstra.

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