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Gergely Bogányi Unveils His New Grand Piano That Resembles To A Sports Car

Gergely Bogányi is a Hungarian pianist and an atypical inventor who has created a new grand piano that features elements resembling more to a sports car than to a musical instrument. Bogányi practically re-imagined and re-invented the most iconic shapes in history, which helped him to not only create a beautiful masterpiece but to also bring to life the “incredible” sound he heard in his head.

Nevertheless, this piano has things in common with its predecessors. The mechanisms that produce the sound, such as the hammers, the keys, the strings and the soundboard, are still part of it, with little adjustments and improvements. Moreover, its exterior has high-gloss sheen, and with that the similarities end.

Changing the design of a piano isn’t actually a new idea, because back in the 18th century, the piano designs were frequently changed, but this idea is quite radical because Bogányi’s piano has two legs instead of three, which gives the instrument a sideways “V” profile. The fact that the inventor gave up the third leg, allows the music to vibrate its way to the audience without any obstruction.
In order to materialize his dream of re-imagining the grand piano, Bogányi worked with a team of designers and engineers (piano craftsmen and music technicians).

The Bogányi Piano website

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