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Genuine Infrared Supine Sauna

The infrared supine sauna is a personal sauna that permits the user to lie in a comfortable supine position in order to allow the infrared lamps to penetrate the skin. The sauna is a little inclined in order to allow the user’s legs to be placed above the heart, in a more relaxed position.

Genuine Infrared Supine Sauna 2

It is equipped with four infrared lamps that creates a deep penetration into the skin and increases subcutaneous temperature by up to 2º F to create the perfect atmosphere for relieving swelling and for improving the mobility of tendons and ligaments.

440 jade stones used in China since the Neolithic Era, were placed in the sauna to relax the nervous system.

Genuine Infrared Supine Sauna 1

A genuine thing about this personal sauna consists in the fact that the users can lie with their head outside the unit, thing that provides a plus of comfort.

The temperature can be set from 86° F to 185° F, from the LCD control panel, from where you can also adjust the time from 5 to 99 minutes.

This genuine invention is priced at $14,000.

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