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Genuine Andy Warhol Temporary Museum by LIKEarchitects

Andy Warhol museum is a temporary location for displaying art, located inside a shopping center in Lisbon, designed by the Portuguese studio LIKEarchitects, who used hundreds of metal paint cans to build it.

Genuine Andy Warhol Temporary Museum by LIKEarchitects 1

Situated right in the atrium of Libon’s Colombo Shopping Mall for no less than three months earlier this year, this miniature museum displayed 32 genuine artworks by the late American pop artist.

Because the LIKEarchitects were eager to avoid the trivial white walls, they chose to build a special place with the help of some everyday household objects that Warhol fetishized in his works of art.

“Campbell’s Soup Cans is a well-known artwork that is based on the idea of sublimating everyday objects, regardless of their original function, and transforming them into tangible icons of the collective imaginary,” said the architect Diogo Aguiar. “This premise by the artist was very important to our conception phase, when we had the idea of constructing a museum using familiar components, more specifically cylindrical cans,” he added.

Genuine Andy Warhol Temporary Museum by LIKEarchitects 13

The architect built three rooms using 1500 cans and then he organized them thematically. There are two entrances positioned at both ends, to provide easier accesses for the shoppers.

The height of the installation was generated by eight rows of cans, while the lowest three rows were filled with sand to provide stability to the walls.

The museum highlights the consumer society, in a literal way, providing free access to all the visitors and receiving more than 100,000 people. The Temporary Andy Warhol Museum sought to contribute to the dissemination and promotion of art.

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