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Genuine 2013 Spring/Summer Collection by Stella Jean

The collections signed by Stella Jean are like a journey around the world. An exuberant designer, Stella lightly combines symbols, diverse graphic elements and strong colors.

Genuine 2013 Spring Summer Collection by Stella Jean 1

Stella Jean met the fashion world when she was a model for the Dutch designer Egon Von F├╝rstenberg. Shortly, she discovered her call for tailoring and started drawing her own collections.

She is an Italian with origins in Haiti and has as declared purpose the beautification of whoever wears her creations. She desired to emphasize the qualities and the feminine silhouette and she uses symbols, colors and multicultural influences in a style that characterizes her.

Genuine 2013 Spring Summer Collection by Stella Jean 4

The 2013 spring-summer collection is assembling to the rest of her creations, meaning a journey around the world. Starting from the two primary colors, Stella Jean combines symbols from the Caribbean, Hawaiian flowers, oversized accessories, retro cuts and the latest trends of 2013.

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