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Gallery: The Most Extravagant Museums in the World

We are used to museums that show on their facades the vestiges of the past, the craftsmanship of those who passed away, monuments with historical styles: Antiquity, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic and even Modern.

There are also ultramodern museums and some of them can be viewed in the gallery below.

MAS Museum, Antwerp, Belgium

The style takes you back to the ancient warehousing in the Anvers port. The context of a connection with the port, gave the architects Neutelings and Riedjik the idea of placing the building on the river bank. The red marble that covers the building says its word, suggesting the patina of time in contrast with the architecture belonging to our century.

Gallery The Most Extravagant Museums in the World1

The Art Museum Nelson-Atkins, Kansas City, SUA

The cubist design was created in 1930 and reconsidered in 2007. The idea belongs to Steven Holl and the suite of buildings is appreciated as being beautifully integrated in the environment.

Gallery The Most Extravagant Museums in the World2

The Islamic Art Museum, Doha Qatar

You must prove great art to integrate the modern esthetic concept into the principles of the traditional Islamic architecture. The fascination of lights completes the surprise of the linking bridge on the way to the museum on the island.

Gallery The Most Extravagant Museums in the World3

The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan

Most of the museum is located underground, what’s in the picture is just the tip of the iceberg which was built to look like it’s something else. The intention of the architect Cesar Pelli was to suggest the grace of the bamboo cane, specific to the place.

Gallery The Most Extravagant Museums in the World4

The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada

The construction provoked many controversies, some believing it’s brave, some regretting an older neo-romantic construction from 1914 which was disbanded and replaced with what you can see. Despite the controversies, the architect Daniel Liebeskind is very proud of his accomplishment which he named “Crystal”.

Gallery The Most Extravagant Museums in the World5

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

Built in 1997 by the architect Frank Gehry, the complex amazes by making a striking contrast with everything that Spain has. The curved surfaces are conceived in a way that attracts, reflects and refracts the light, assigning the surfaces the most unexpected valences.

Gallery The Most Extravagant Museums in the World6

The Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, USA

Watched from afar, the building gives the impression of some winged shapes, placed on a floating pontoon. The main attraction consists in the Quadrat Pavilion, provided with a winged shaped parasol, of 66 meters, that shrink depending on the weather conditions and during the night disappear.

Gallery The Most Extravagant Museums in the World7

The Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba, Brazil

It was built in 1967 and completed in 2002. The icing on the cake is its superior side shaped as a stylized eye which remembers that all the strange surfaces are made to reflect, each one of its way, the solar light. A giant staircase which penetrates the center of the 18 meters support pillar of the “eye” is located right at the entrance.

Gallery The Most Extravagant Museums in the World8

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