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Freedom Ship – The Largest Ship Ever Built and the First Floating City

A company in Florida has designed a floating city, named Freedom Ship, which will be permanently on water. This vessel, with a length of 1.4 km, will feature 25 floors and a capacity of 50,000 residents. It will also include a casino, a park, an art gallery, a 157, 935 square meters shopping center and an airport located on the roof.

Floating Island Ship

The construction will cost about $10 billion and will weigh 2.7 million tons, which will make it impossible to anchor in any port.

The company that will build the vessel estimates that the floating city will spend 70% of the time near the big cities, and the rest of the time traveling between different countries. Moreover, it is estimated that it will travel around the world twice a year.

Freedom Ship – The Largest Ship Ever Built and the First Floating City 5

In addition to the permanent residents, the ship will be able to accommodate 30,000 visitors during the day, a crew of 20,000 people and 10,000 people will be able to spend the night on the boat.

Roger M Gooch, the manager of Freedom Ship International, said that this will be the largest ship ever built and the first floating city.

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