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FIXD -The First Gadget that Tells You Everything About Your Car

A company in Atlanta has released on Kickstarter the project of the first gadget that tells you, through a phone app, everything about your car. FIXD connects to the OBD-II port (On Board Diagnosis II) and transmits data via Bluetooth in real time.

Once connected to the car, the FIXD sensor begins to gather essential data about its functionality.

The gadget will tell you through the Android app, among others, how the engine behaves, its consumption, when you have to change the oil and filters, etc.

FIXD -The First Gadget that Tells You Everything About Your Car 1

Perhaps, the most important aspect is that the phone will alert you if the car has a problem and will tell you how many days you can delay the service visit.

Another interesting feature is that, depending on the car model, it tells you what parts you need for repairs and their cost, calculated after the international average prices.

Unlike other car gadgets, FIXD doesn’t need to be charged, because it takes its power from the car battery.

John Gattuso, FIXD founder said that once installed, you’ll always be updated on your phone or tablet about the condition of your car and you will be able to anticipate its problems.

The developers want to sell the product at $40. If you are interested, you can preorder it here. FIXD is expected to hit the market in April 2015.

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