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Find Out Why Men Die Younger Than Women

22 Oct 2014 by admin

If global the life expectancy increases, it seems that between men and women there is a difference that is becoming greater and greater. As a result, it was found that a woman born in 2012 could reach 81.2 years of age, 5 years longer than a man who was born the same year.

Why this difference? Why women have a longer life than men? Marianne Legato, professor of medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeon, explains this by saying that men start their lives with a disadvantage right from the moment they come into this world.

Find Out Why Men Die Younger Than Women

Here are the reasons why this happens:

#1 It seems that the girls are more resistant than men to infections that can occur in the womb before the onset of labor. As a result, although are born twice as many boys than girls, many male fetuses die in the end, the ratio being one to one. Moreover, boy babies develop more slowly and so there is a much greater risk they die before the premature birth triggers.

#2 Women are more cautious than men. It is precisely because they assume less risks, avoiding often to get hurt or be part of an accident. This is where the genetics appears. In men, the frontal lobe is responsible for taking and calculating risks, which at women grows much slower. For this reason men take more risks than women.

#3 Heart disease develops later in women. It was found that both in women and men the death caused by heart disease ranks first, noting that in women occurs later. This disease can occur in men at an age between 30 and 40 years, while in women can occur 10 years later.

#4 Women are surrounded by many friends, and, according to several studies, people who are surrounded by lots of friends develop a risk of dying 50 % less than those who prefer to live a life in solitude. Men are those who prefer to hide their feelings, while women want to talk with friends about their problems.

#5 Women take better care of their health. According to studies, 28% of men avoid going regularly to a medical examination. According to Legato, the fact that men ignore the symptoms and avoid going to the doctor because of the fear of finding out that they have a problem, is a form of “John Wayne syndrome”.