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Fabulous Baguera Bag

With a little of science fiction inspiration, the Portuguese brand Baguera is trying to create the future of feminine symbol bags. Compact and made out of many parallelograms, triangles and diamonds, the “origami purse” is perfectly placed between the status of accessory and jewelry.

Fabulous Baguera Bag1

With small exceptions, the handbags remained just…handbags. In recent fashion shows, Chanel offered some clues about the future accessory but his evolution is surprisingly slow.

Founded in 2011 by Branca Cuvier, a Portuguese designer, the Baguera brand made experiments with the upgrade of image of a design that wasn’t giving any signs in changing.

Baguera is a contemporary jewelry and accessories designer. Branca Cuvier started first with a series of pendants, bracelets and necklaces made ​​out entirely of transparent acrylic and united under the name of Silhouette. Vectory collection came out later from the same material. With the help of some modern but valueless materials, the Portuguese designer started to try different games of color and form.

Fabulous Baguera Bag4

The multifaceted bags from the Vectory collection consist of parallelograms, diamonds and triangular shapes in a manner reminiscent of Japanese origami. Every purse is handmade and comes in different colors, gradients or patterns formed by different components.

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