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Exquisite Hotel Gale – Art Deco Tropical Luxury

At 72 years of its construction, the Gale hotel comes back to its beauty that made it famous on the coast of Miami during the 40’s.

Finished in 1941 in the south-east side of the town, close to some important interest objectives of the city, the Hale South Beach and Regent hotels were among the last raised buildings in Miami, during the World War II.

2013 is the year of renaissance for the two buildings from South Beach. Menin Hotels are responsible for restoring the glow of the Tropical Art Deco style, bringing in the same time various modern design updates.

Gale’s interior design seems like a scene from a retro movie with floral mosaics, simple stucco, handmade carpets and dark wood paneling. The 1940 construction was renovated in order to include 87 rooms, each one being decorated in the typical style of Miami, with a faint aroma of Italian design, punctuated by details. The light from the interior spaces is emitted by chandeliers or filtered by marble framed windows.

Among its features, there is a 464 square meter pool, a recreation room located in the basement and also the Regent Cocktail Club, a tribute to cocktail bars, extremely popular in the first golden period of the hotel.

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