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Exquisite Cognac By Chapters of Ampersand Costs $8,000

Featuring a blend of exquisite craftsmanship and delicious cognac, the Et No. 1 by Chapters of Ampersand is a unique product that’s pleasing to both the eye and the tongue. The drink itself is a special limited edition made by Chapters of Ampersand Master Blender Folke Andersson and Cognac Tiffon Maitre de Chais Richard Braastad. The experts used a pair of Grande Champagnes dating back to 1943 and 1974 as well as 1870 pre-Phylloxera Cognac. The result? Divine.

Bottled with notes of sweet toffee, vanilla, licorice and apricot, the amber-colored cognac rests in a container sketched out by a Swedish glass artist named Göran Wärff. The bottle was hand-made by Sven-Åke Carlsson and Jan-Erik Ritzman, which happen to be two of the world’s most appreciated artisans of their kind.

Limited to 300 units, each bottle of the Et No. 1 is packaged in a Swedish oak casket and is accompanied by a certificate of origin. US citizens that are interested in purchasing this original product can do so by visiting the Chapters of Ampersand website. The price is well justified: $8,395.

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