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Explore the Smart Potential of Your Car with Automatic


Explore the Smart Potential of Your Car with Automatic 1In general, we don’t think at our cars as some computers on wheels. Although, almost all automobiles produced during the last ten years have on board a calculation system with an almost unexplored potential.

Automatic is a hardware + software ensemble which allows almost every car to become more intelligent and more economic. The system is a very simple one: a wireless module is connected to the on-board diagnostics of the car (OBD) which is present on most of the sold cars in America and European Union in different forms of connection. Once connected the little dongle to the car, a smartphone application starts to take and interpret the data. In this way, the car becomes “aware” of what is happening  and can give, through the interface of the phone, suggestions of the ways in which the driver can save gas, data concerning the possible technical problems and a constant monitoring  of the routes and of the consumption and speed indicators.


In case of an accident, Automatic can contact the emergency services, communicating the state and the localization of the car. Another function extremely useful is the one for localizing the car: the problem of the spot where it was parked in a new city disappears and the car-sharing with friends or members of the family becomes easier. In this moment Automatic is available only in the United States but it is quite likely that the manufacturer distributes it in Europe soon.

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