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Exbury Egg- an Energetic Efficient Houseboat

A house that is energetic efficient is no more a novelty. Exbury Egg it’s something innovative because is separated from the platoon of the sustainable buildings by a particular shape and a new way of approaching the green existence: life on water.

Exbury Egg- an Energetic Efficient Houseboat 2

Exbury Egg is both an energetic auto-sustainable home and a study laboratory where the man-nature relationship can be studied. The project was developed by two architectural firms, a specialist in boat construction and a naval architect who completed it over a period of three years.

The whole construction is made out of cold pressed plywood and lumber and measures 6m in length and about 3m in width, enough space for an austere life with a hammock, a small stove, a work desk and a bathroom. The floating construction can be drawn by a boat and was projected to handle the ebb and flow of water.

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