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Enjoy your meal! – At 5,000 Meters Altitude

When we have to face a long flight, one of the things that bother us is, often, the menu of the airline. Usually, it includes classic sandwiches or food heated in the microwave, which is disappointing.

There are some exceptions – the flight operators that are investing in the culinary field as in other services offer travellers a pleasant experience from all points of view. The most popular trend when it comes to catering at thousands of meters altitude is hiring an experienced chef.  In the following article we are introducing six airlines that have outdone themselves in the attempt to deliver exceptional culinary services on board of airplanes.

Etihad Airways

Enjoy your meal! – At 5,000 Meters Altitude 1

United Arab Emirates have been awarded by Skytrax World Airline Awards in 2013 to the category “The Best First Class Onboard Catering Award”. For the last two years Etihad Airways has been recruiting chefs from the most famous restaurants in the world. Their dishes were available within some international flights and competed with luxury restaurants menus.

Air France

Enjoy your meal! – At 5,000 Meters Altitude 2

The French cuisine could not be missing from the list. Air France calls for a chef once at eight months, to refresh the menu of the travelers from the business class who are embarking for long flights. Starting with October, this year, the travelers will be able to enjoy the specialties of Michel Roth, chef at restaurant L’Espadon, hosted by Ritz Hotel in Paris. First class menus are created by renowned chefs like Joël Robuchon and Guy Martin.

Qatar Airways

Enjoy your meal! – At 5,000 Meters Altitude 3

Last year, Qatar Airways hired a real all-star team to create a perfect transnational menu. The chefs Nobu Matsuhisa (Japan), Tom Aikens (Great Britain), Ramzi Choueiri (Liban) and Vineet Bathia (India) have joined forces to create menus inspired by their cuisines. The main challenges were the limited preparation methods and the alteration of taste at high altitude. The chefs’ menus are available on the flights of Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


Enjoy your meal! – At 5,000 Meters Altitude 4

The German airline company offers the first class travellers an unforgettable culinary experience, because of the skillful chefs hired in a rotation system. This summer, Joachim Wissler, who own three Michelin stars and has been voted by his peers “Chef of Chefs”, prepared Lufthansa’s clients, among other things, green pea mousse with mozzarella and tomato sauce with basil. Flights to Germany include menus chosen by famous chefs from various countries. In October and November, this year, passengers will enjoy the dishes of Marc Haeberlin, chef at L’Auberge de I’ll in Alsace.

Singapore Airlines

Enjoy your meal! – At 5,000 Meters Altitude 5

The airline company relies for years on a team of nine chefs who prepare the menus for the flight. The menus from the premium and business class were made by the French chef George Blanc, whose restaurant -Vonnas, owns three Michelin stars and the chef Carlo Craco (two Michelin stars) and by Alfred Portale in New York.


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