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Dubai Launches “Your Child in Gold” Initiative

Dubai authorities have decided to pay in gold the pounds lost by the overweight children. Thus, for every pound lost, the children are paid with 28 grams of gold. This happens in the case of the individual participants, and families with children receive double the amount of gold.

Dubai launches “Your Child in Gold” Initiative

Obesity among adults and children is increased in the UAE and this decision could resolve the situation.

Last year, the authorities have paid over $750,000 in gold for the achievements of the citizens. The reasons that lead to the increase of the obesity are the lack of exercise and the fast food nutrition.

The participants to this program must lose up to 2 kg in a period of 2 moths. The parents are those who give their consent for the “Your Child in Gold” initiative, which lasts for eight weeks. Over 600 families have given their consent to participate.

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