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Doha – Exciting City in the Middle East

Doha is certainly a destination that attracts people with its beauty, modern buildings, the town’s prosperity and its culture.

Doha – the capital of the state of Qatar

Doha is the capital of Qatar and is located in the eastern side of the peninsula. It is the largest city in the country; about 1,000,000 people are living here, meaning 80% of the people in the entire state. However, the income per capita is very high due to the natural gas reserve in Doha and the thriving economy based on oil exports, shrimp processing, finance and administration.

Doha - Exciting City in the Middle East 2

Discover the treasures of Doha

Once arrived in Doha it is impossible not to notice the luxury, the optimism and the interesting architecture of tall buildings and the hustle and bustle of locals who are always in a hurry when it comes to malls and other places of relaxation. It seems that in Doha, the economy defies the Western crisis, and the standard of living is one that we all dream of. Due to the obvious opulence, Doha is often likened to cities such as Dubai and New York.

Doha - Exciting City in the Middle East 3

In Doha are a lot of interesting places to visit such as the Traditional Village in Al Rumeilia Park, the Cities of Culture in West Bay, Grand Mosque in Doha, or the forts Al Zubara and Al Koot. You can continue with a visit to Doha Stadium – which hosted the Asian Games in 2006, the Zoo and the Souq Waqif market.

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It will be a great pleasure for you to walk along the bay, on the road Al-Corniche. The panorama over the sea in which the skyscrapers seem to sink, is unique and will be kept in your memory for a long time.

If the oppressiveness outside will exhaust you, all you have to do is to visit the Museum of Islamic Arts that is located on a specially designed island. The building is particularly spectacular because it has the shape of a postmodernist fortress and was designed by the famous architect IM Pei – who also designed the pyramid at the Louvre, in France. The museum houses the largest collection of Islamic art in the world, with objects brought from three continents. You will admire here exclusive textiles, ceramics, porcelain and glass set in a way that inspires the homogeneity of Islamic art.  You will be absolutely fascinated by this museum rich in cultural treasures.

Doha - Exciting City in the Middle East 5

Other museums that you can visit in Doha are the Arab Museum of Modern Art – Mathaf, Sheikh Faisal Museum, the Museum of Photography and the Museum of Orientalists.

Shopping in Doha

You will find in Doha the stores of the most famous fashion houses, dealerships of the most expensive cars, phones, jewelry and the list continues. To make it easier for you, you can choose to go to one of the two huge malls in Doha: Villaggio Mall – built as a miniature replica of Venice and City Center – a mall built on five levels with more affordable prices.

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So, whether you make a quick stop in Doha or you’re planning a vacation in this place, you will find enough interesting sights, full of culture and modernism that will make your stay here be unforgettable.

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