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Do You Bite Your Nails? Tips to Get Rid of This Bad Habit

23 Oct 2014 by admin

Nail biting begins in childhood and is a habit that can accompany you until adulthood, sometimes proving to be a real problem. If it’s a habit that ruins your nails and you feel like you cannot get rid of it, there are several solutions, one of them being suitable even for you.

Some of the causes of nail biting is the stress, boredom, frustration and loneliness. Also, according to some studies, there are people who are prone to nail biting.

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It may surprise you, but this habit that practically creates some kind of addiction can be a behavior specific to people who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the real problem is when it comes to inflammation, wounds and infections that require medical intervention. Not to mention about the unaesthetic nails and even dental disorders.

You can get rid of nail biting, if you try to use one of the following methods:

#1 You must be aware of the fact that this habit has become a reflex

First, you must realize the moment when you start to bite your nails and then stop. I know that sometimes you feel like you cannot help yourself but take a moment, take a deep breath and try to think about other things. You must set in your mind a time when you are allowed to bite your nails and then reduce that time and finally make it disappear.

#2 Find yourself another activity that is less harmful

Replace this bad habit with another one. For example, buy yourself an anti stress ball and shape it until you regain composure. Another idea to get rid of nail biting is to hold the fist tight when you feel the need to put your fingers in your mouth. Repeat this for a minute until that strange need disappears.

#3 Buy a bitter nail polish that will help you think twice before you bite your nails

This bitter nail polish is especially designed for people who have this kind of problem and you can find it both is pharmacies and in stores where you can buy cosmetics. Once you apply it and you dare to taste your nails, the second time you will try to do that you will think twice before biting your nails because of the terrible taste.

#4 Apply false nails

As much as you would like, you cannot bite those false nails because they are reasonably firm and you will not succeed to knock down the plastic hardness. Another idea would be to wear gloves, at least in the early days when the temptation is still present.