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Disneyland for Adults

When you were a child you wanted to meet Mickey Mouse while walking alongside Donald Duck and Goofy. Now, as an adult you’re still one of those people who want to be part of the Disney’s animated world. Luckily for us, the adults, the childhood frustration does not exist anymore because now there are the Disneyland parks where, with a little effort, we can visit with or without children.

Disneyland for Adults 2

On the outside, Disneyland may seem a realm reserved exclusively to children. Do not let yourself be tricked: inside there are many activities that makes the adults happy as well. Spending time in Disneyland without the kids will clarify things and make you discover all the wonders of this place. There are just a few things that you need to remember once you’ve entered the gate of the park. The first, and the most important one, is to leave aside all inhibitions and act like you’re a big child. Don’t hesitate to play with Mickey’s hat or to take pictures of the famous characters. Start the day in Disneyland with the idea that you will have fun like a kid and this will not affect your confidence and pride.

Try to have lunch later than usual to enjoy some attractions while everybody takes lunch with the children. Another idea is to stay in the park until it gets dark because then many children leave the park and the place is liven up. You will have to choose between class restaurants, so if you get tired stay calm and have a nice dinner.

In case you go to Disneyland as part of a group, the best solution is to accommodate in one of the hotels in the park, which provides free transportation to and from the park. It’s possible for their prices to be quite big, so another solution would be finding available hotel rooms in close proximity to Disneyland. This will save money for souvenirs bought from the place of perdition.

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