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Dietrich Mateschitz’s $1.7 million DeepFlight Super Falcon

One of the best things when being rich is the fact that you can have almost everything in the world and you can live all the experiences you want. This is the case of Dietrich Mateschitz who recently pleased himself by spending $1.7 million on a submarine. Known under the name of the DeepFlight Super Falcon, this “toy” is a different invention built by Hawkes Ocean Technologies, which combines the agility of a hunter-bird with its submersible faculties. It works just like an underwater airplane due to its movable wings that allows the machine to move in three dimensions.

Dietrich Mateschitz’s $1.7 million DeepFlight Super Falcon 1

The occupants have the sensation of riding open in the sea because of the two acrylic domes with a refractive index that permits the glass to blend with the water once the craft is immersed.

The DeepFlight wad custom built for Dietrich Mateschitz but whoever wants to take a ride with his beauty will need to pay $1,700.

It features a propeller powered by lithium batteries, allowing the submarine to go at 4 knots and resort guests to swim alongside sharks and whales at a depth of 400 feet.


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