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Dictators Throughout History and the Cars They Loved

Cars have always been connected with the image and status of those who collect and store them in their garages, regardless of the social environment from which they are part of. The dictators are no exception to this rule, because they are people, just like us. Here are seven cars loved by these tyrants:

Nicolae Ceausescu – Mercedes-Benz 600 Landaulet

Dictators Throughout History and the Cars They Loved

The former Romanian dictator needs no introduction, but it is worth to mention a few things about the model that Ceausescu used to choose for his parades. Mercedes-Benz 600 Landaulet (W100) was produced in a limited edition and had as target audience officials as the Pope, heads of state and members of the government. A convertible model popular among dictators, Mercedes – Benz 600 Landaulet also occupied a place in the garage of names like Park Chung-hee, Josip Broz Tito and Pol Pot.

Adolf Hitler – Mercedes-Benz Grosse 770

Dictators Throughout History and the Cars They Loved 2

Hitler got the car in 1940, but was not satisfied with the standard version. That was nothing out of the ordinary. So, besides the armor for doors and bulletproof windows, the model included ballistic protection for the rear passengers and various hidden compartments allowing the storage of the guns. Currently, the model can be admired as exhibit in the Canadian War Museum.

Muammar al-Gaddafi – Libyan Rocket/ Saroukh el-Jamahiriya

Dictators Throughout History and the Cars They Loved 3

In Libya, the dictators build their own cars. Conceived in a five-seat configuration, the model features a V6 that produces 230 hp and stands out because of its shape invented by Gaddafi, which looks like a futuristic Honda Civic, if you will.

Vladimir Lenin – Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Dictators Throughout History and the Cars They Loved 4

When it comes to cars, Lenin enters the category “like a sir”. He was the one saying that the revolutionaries must keep away from the bourgeois tendencies, but the Russian dictator was the happy owner of a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, manufactured in 1921.

Benito Mussolini – Alfa Romeo 2300

Dictators Throughout History and the Cars They Loved 5

On its full name Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Pescara Spyder, the convertible was created specifically for the Italian dictator in 1935 out of gratitude for the interventions that saved the manufacturer from bankruptcy. The interesting thing is that the model was not only used for parades and short holidays. Mussolini’s driver participated with this car at the 1936 Mille Miglia editions, where it ranked the 13th.

Iosif Stalin – ZIS 115

Dictators Throughout History and the Cars They Loved 6

The former Soviet leader was more attached to the domestic products, so he was “satisfied” with a ZIS. The model was derived from the ZIS 110, produced by the manufacturer ZIL, being designed specifically for Stalin. The car weighed enormously because of the armor, somewhere around eight tons and the windows weighed 200 kg, each being operated by a hydraulic system. The 6 liter V8 engine delivered 140 horsepower, a value quite anemic compared to the weight of the car.

The Shah of Iran – Maserati GT5000

Dictators Throughout History and the Cars They Loved 7

With an affinity for the Italian brands, the Shah wanted something special manufactured by Maserati. They compiled and developed the top of the range at that time, Maserati GT5000. The best Italian designers have worked at the bodywork, and as a technical solution, GT5000 combined a standard chassis with a 4.5 liter V8 engine, borrowed from Maserati 450S racing model.

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