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Definite Fortress Town of Palmanova

The town of Palmanova, which is located in northeastern Italy, started as a fortress built by the Venetian empire in the 16th and 17th centuries in order to prevent the attacks from Austrian and Turkish forces. The construction of the fortress took about a century to complete. It features a concentric star formation, consisting of three rings that were built in stages.

Definite Fortress Town of Palmanova 2

The whole town is practically closed by a circular area that features a circumference of 7 km and is surrounded by a moat with nine arrow-shaped inter-connected ramparts that emerged out of the town so the points could defend each other.

Definite Fortress Town of Palmanova 3

The builders of this town wished to include geometrical harmony into its design because they believed that the beauty reinforces the wellness of a society.

Despite the fact that Palmanova is a fortress, it never saw a battle and even though it features an apparently impenetrable defense, it was captured twice – first by Napoleon and then back by the Kingdom of Italy.

Definite Fortress Town of Palmanova 4

Definite Fortress Town of Palmanova 5

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