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Defeat The Hangover With The Best Remedies

Of course, you love your friends and the time you spend with them, but almost every time you meet them, the result is always the same: in the morning you have a terrible hangover. Theoretically, this could be easily avoided if after every beer you drink, you consume the same amount of water. Practically, we all know that you never really do that. So, the next day, the hangover is inevitable.

Defeat The Hangover With The Best Remedies 2

Of course, we all want it to make it disappear as quickly as possible. Jason Burke is a doctor who started his job as an anesthesiologist and had the brilliant idea to open the Hangover Heaven – a clinic for those who suffer from a hangover that has had 25,000 “patients” so far. According to Burke, the drinks that will make you feel less dizzy are vodka and gin, while champagne and whiskey will give you a big headache.

Here are five remedies that will make the hangover miraculously disappear:

# Pills

According to Burke, hangovers are easier to prevent than to treat. Thus, it is recommended to take a anti-hangover pill before going to sleep. So, instead of searching for remedies the next morning, you will wake us fresh.

# Fat food

You have probably noticed that when you have a hangover you have the tendency to consume foods high in fat. This is because your body needs energy. Burke recommends eating bacon and scrambled eggs with cheese and mayonnaise.

# Fruits and vegetables

If you’re a disciplined person in terms of a diet you’re following and not even a hangover can convince you to deviate from your culinary rules, then you are admirable and you should know that there are healthy options: spinach, broccoli, pomegranate, currants or egg white.

# Coca-Cola

Surprisingly, coca leaves included in this drink are rich in antioxidants and caffeine that help treat headaches caused by hangovers.

# Smoothies

These represent an unbeatable weapon in fighting hangovers because they contain many nutrients and antioxidants. Dr. Burke recommends almond milk, pomegranate, spinach and vitamin powder. There are also a few alternatives to these ingredients: Greek yogurt, mango, strawberry and honey.

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