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Davidoff Masters Edition Club House Toro Cigar Woos Golfers

Masters Edition Club House Toro is the most recent cigar –limited edition- launched by the manufacturer Davidoff. It measures 16 cm and is considered to be the perfect choice for the golf players, when they enjoy a game with colleagues, friends or business partners.

Davidoff Masters Edition Club House Toro Cigar Woos Golfers 1

This cigar was created by the company tobacco specialists, by mixing several types of sheets and can be enjoyed during a complete golf session of nine holes. It’s worth mentioning that Davidoff has always put more emphasis on the special flavors of the cigars they produce than on their strength.

Toro has an impeccable Yamasa wrapping, emanating notes of chocolate, caramel and coffee.  What’s really special about this cigar is that it retains its flavor and properties until the end.

The Masters Edition Club House Toro cigars are packed in an elegant, white box, which contains ten pieces and costs $219, the price of a single cigar being $21,9.

The manufacturer put on sale 7,000 boxes worldwide, half of this production being destined for the North American market, so, buying these cigars is a pride for any connoisseur.

This limited edition of Davidoff cigars is available on the market starting with this month.

Davidoff is a luxury Swiss brand which sells cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobacco. The company first started using Cuban tobacco in 1968, producing cigars in the same factory where the Cubans were making the famous Cohiba cigars for the president Fidel Castro.

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