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Copper Beach Farm Listed At $190 Million

The Copper Beech Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut, is the most expensive residence from USA and costs $190 million. The house was built in the renaissance style in 1890, and stretches on a surface of over 1.250 square meters.

Copper Beach Farm Listed At $190 Million 4

This property exceeds in size the most expensive estate in London, Great Britain, which has exit to Long Island Sound, the Atlantic estuary, on an area of 1.2 km, incorporating two small islands.

The mansion includes a wine cellar, seven large bathrooms and two smaller, a paneled library and a dining room with a fireplace.

The property is also equipped with a tennis court, a paddock, an orchard of apple trees, two greenhouses, a pool with 14 sides and an octagonal cottage.

Copper Beach Farm Listed At $190 Million 9

Each main room is 3.6 meters tall, with carved fireplaces, and the entrance to the living room is made through French doors. The spectacular garden is maintained by a horticulturist who works for the New York Botanical Garden.

The USA lumber mogul, John Rudey, currently owns the Copper Beech Farm, after buying it in 1982 for $7.75 million. Currently, the real estate agent responsible for selling the house, David Ogilvy (David Ogilvy & Associates) has listed the property for $190 million.

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