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Contemporary Architecture on Yangtze

A complex of six buildings inspired by the aspect of the contemporary Chinese boats reaffirms the interest of China for the contemporary architecture. The constructions borrow the curved shape of the sails and if they are watched from a distance they give the impression of a moving fleet. Chongqing Chaotianmen will group the restaurants, the clubs, the office areas, the private residences and also an amazing suspended garden that will act like a bridge for four of them.

Contemporary Architecture on Yangtze 7The architecture office Safdie Architectannounced the newest project, a complex with mixed utility that will be built in Chongqing, China. Although the set of buildings in still in the computer rendering phase, the existence of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the work of art of the same team of architects, confirms the possibility of building this kind of colossus.

Chongqing is one of the five national centers from China and is located at the intersection of Yangzte and Jialing rivers and previously served as an outpost for the imperial power. The architectural project tried to capture the important past of the city, also referring to the commercial tradition of the area.

Contemporary Architecture on Yangtze 6

The inspiration started from the image of a fleet of traditional Chinese ships seen from afar. The six buildings built from steel and glass are arched on the vertical, and when are watched from a distance it leaves the impression of some moving sail boats. Each tower in the front measures 358 meters tall and will host many hotels, private residences and offices. In the back, there are four smaller buildings that are spread on a surface of 930.000 square meters, two of them being connected to the main towers by a bridge suspended at 248 meters high. In the same area of the construction, are projected to work various clubs and restaurants, pools and gardens but also the hotel receptions situated in the constructions near the water.

At the base of the complex, the architects have provided entertaining areas, a theatre, a conference room and also pontoons for the boats sailing on the Yangtze River. The total investment will amount to $3.1 billion and the project will be accomplished with the help of three of the biggest Asian companies in the area.

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