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Cockington Village – A Picturesque and Quiet Village in England

9 Sep 2014 by admin

England is a wonderful country and this is an undeniable truth. It impresses by its well-known sights, but there are many places that transform England into a land of almost unreal diversity. From this category is part Cockington, a very quiet and picturesque village located in the Torquay area.

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The first evidence of the existence of the small village appear 2500 years ago in the Iron Age. Unfortunately, there is not much information on this early period, however the little information prove that Cockington village was back then a place where agriculture and fishing were intensely practiced. Later, wealthy families had to spend a fortune to own this picturesque village, even reaching the court.

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Today Cockington is a quiet village, a special area that does not have anything from the bustle of the big cities of England. Narrow and cobbled streets meander through the buildings constructed from the same material and the time seems to have stood still. This medieval look of the whole village was intentionally kept and even the pubs and the restaurants follow the same architectural style.

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There are several notable buildings, but Cockington Court is the center of the village, the soul of the area and the most important building in Cockington. The court was actually the mansion of the richest family in the village, on its name Mallock, an imposing building raised since the 16th century. Cockington Court was modified and extended several times, but nonetheless it still remains a structure with important historical significance. At present, the old and the majestic mansion hosts arts and crafts workshops, a place where the apprentices develop their skills.

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Almshouses still retain the fingerprints of history, being an ensemble consisting of seven villas with terraces built during the reign of James I of England. The majestic buildings were built to house the poor, being renovated last time in the period between 1790-1810. Other notable buildings from Cockington is a church, which is believed to have been built in the eleventh century and a water mill, which located in the middle of the village completing the entire landscape.

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