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Christmas Tree Syndrome. Myth Or Fact?

12 Dec 2014 by admin

Winter holidays are very close and one of the most anticipated moment, for both adults and children is choosing and decorating the Christmas tree. But what can you do, if you suddenly feel that something is wrong with you?

If you’ve heard or not about the “Christmas tree syndrome“, you should know that it exists. Scientists have done some research and found that the Christmas tree can create health problems. As a result, this symbol of joy and magic can easily ward off your holidays.

How to trace allergy?

Maureen Jenkins, director of clinical services at Allergy UK says that “fir trees grow is a wet environment and thus they become a “nest” that is perfect for mold”.

At first, the symptoms are mild, almost imperceptible, the allergic persons not being affected from the first day they installed the fir tree inside their house. But, after a while, the situation may worsen considerably, mainly due to the heat in the house, making the mold from the tree expand rapidly in the room.

As a result of a trial started on the “Christmas tree syndrome” theme, it was discovered that there are many people who have breathing problems during Christmas, because of the fir trees that they buy and keep in the house.

According to the researchers, the particles of mold in the house multiply by about 5000 per square meters in maximum two weeks after the installation of the tree.

Christmas Tree Syndrome

What are the symptoms?

Based on this study, the researchers argue that the most common symptoms encountered are persistent cough, sneezing and the feeling of allergy in children.

Maureen Jenkins says that those particles of mold may even contribute to inflammation of the eyes or to a runny nose.

Despite this information, the study was not completely conclusive because the authors could not confirm exactly if the mold already exists in the house before the fir tree is installed.

What is the solution?

Specialists at the Allergy UK advise us to ensure that the tree is well cleaned before installing it in the house. One option that appears to be safer is the artificial tree, but even this must be cleaned of dust and debris before you make it a place in your home.

You should know that not only the Christmas tree can cause problems to people prone to allergies. Branches, flowers in pots or other living plan can cause the same symptoms.