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Casa Loma – The Largest Private Residence in Canada

Casa Loma is an impressive construction in Toronto, Canada, a Gothic building with stunning grounds and spectacular gardens. Today, Casa Loma is a museum and also an important landmark in Toronto. Initially, the building was the residence of a Canadian businessman, the architect of the mansion being Ej Lennox, the one who also raised other amazing buildings in Toronto and in many other locations.

Casa Loma – The Largest Private Residence in Canada

The entire project cost over $3.5 million and a team of 300 workers worked continuously for 3 years for the building to be completed on time. The construction works were interrupted only by the beginning of the First World War.

Casa Loma – The Largest Private Residence in Canada 2

Casa Loma is divided into several floors, the 98 rooms covering a total area of 6011 square meters. It became, at that time, the largest private residence in Canada. Notable amenities include an elevator, a giant furnace, a vacuum, a swimming pool and three bowling alleys in the basement. From the third floor, the view is wonderful and you can clearly see the CN Tower, a true symbol of Canada.

Casa Loma – The Largest Private Residence in Canada 5

After World War I, the city of Toronto greatly increased the annual property taxes, so the $600 per year turned into $1,000 per month.  The owner, who was already facing financial difficulties, was forced to abandon the Casa Loma in 1923. Sir Henry enjoyed life in the castle for less than 10 years, but he gave us the chance of admiring a stunning building.

The Oak Room

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