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Car Brands vs. Personality Traits of Men

21 Oct 2013 by admin

Give a man a car and he’ll act like a kid. Give a man his favorite car and he’ll love you forever!

All men dream about is having their own car since they are little kids, but as the years pass them by they start having daring dreams which are getting renewed once they get the car of their dreams. Like Owning a type of car corresponds to the verge they’ve reached in their lives.

In the same way the pets resemble to their owners, by analogy, men choose their cars depending on their preferences, congeniality and, of course, according to their personality. Men’s ego must be satisfied by the brand and the car’s performances.

We’ve analyzed five car brands to show you what kinds of men own such vehicles. Ladies might want to be attentive!

Audi owners

Car Brands vs. Personality Traits of Men 1

The first thing that comes in mind related to these kinds of men is the fact that they are very impulsive, extremely enthusiasts and care about their car more than anything in this world. If you’ll ever ask them to choose between a woman and their car, they will definitely go with the car. They love spending time driving and they are extremely agile and seem like they are always in a hurry.  They take great care about their car and if it has even the smallest scratch, they will instantly take it to the car service. They love the tuning and want to own a vehicle with as many options as possible.  If you were to be a car, you will definitely have to be an Audi in order to have a caring owner.

BMW owners

Car Brands vs. Personality Traits of Men 2

Related to their personality, the BMW owners are nice guys, friendly and jovial. They love to brag about their car and to stand out in every way, even if that means turning the music up. On the road, they are respectful drivers, they give priority and they have adrenaline in their blood because they enjoy the speed very much. They can’t stand having a scratch on their car but if it occurs, they wait patiently to solve the problem. BMW owners are extremely proud of their acquisition and this thing can be noticed by anyone who sees them. They can often attract the antipathy of the others because of their attitude.

Mercedes owners

Car Brands vs. Personality Traits of Men 3

What we can say about them is that they are some very friendly people that want comfort and the acceptable level of luxury. They are practical men, often undecided and they are not the best drivers on the road. As for their temperament, they are friendly people and very voluble but they always succeed to maintain the necessary distance with the people around them. They are tempered and respectful drivers, who prefer to avoid confrontations than provoking them.

Volkswagen Owners

Car Brands vs. Personality Traits of Men 4

This type of men belongs to the category of the people who are very full of themselves, who are very aware of their value as persons and who give the impression of being very sociable. They enjoy driving their car and they are very reluctant when it comes to borrowing it to someone. They are very good drivers who take into account the traffic rules and who love traffic order, preferring to avoid the agglomerated areas. These men love to make promises without keeping them and like to excessively brag about their car and life.

Opel owners

Car Brands vs. Personality Traits of Men 5

They are the men that are part of the reserved category of people. They are proud of their vehicles but they keep the feeling for themselves. This type of drivers is respectful and they take into account the fact that they have to avoid trouble in traffic. They love off-road driving and they feel very relaxed and worry-free when in their cars. They are ambitious people who love to dream about more than life can offer them.