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Brands Can’t Wait For The Royal Baby To be Born

It looks like the entire world is waiting impatiently for the royal baby to be born, and we’re not just talking about relatives, but also about the ordinary citizens, the companies and marketers, who are trying to “become godfathers” in order to emphasize their brands.

$3.000 Aston Martin baby stroller

Brands Can’t Wait For The Royal Baby To be Born 1

Taking into account that the royal family was always a fan of the luxury brand Aston Martin, Prince Charles could favor the company for the future stroller.

The Company, in partnership with the Silver Cross baby strollers producer, released this unique piece. The price starts from $3,000.

The wheel axle is perfectly designed in order to ensure comfort regardless the terrain. The material used in manufacturing the stroller is extremely durable and will look impeccable no matter the conditions. The fabric is Alcantra and is one of the finest. Finally, there are several “touches” – manual brake, waterproof roof, high performance tires. All these, plus many others, make from the stroller a genuine travel system for the baby. We’ll see if the royal couple will choose this stroller or one with similar features, but at a lower price, of “only” $500-$600.

The Mothercare Retailer is in action

Brands Can’t Wait For The Royal Baby To be Born 2

The clothing and equipment retailer for babies, Mothercare hopes that the buzz that is surrounding the royal birth will increase sales. The international retailer plans to launch a new range of commemorative items to mark the birth of the little girl, and also to decorate the store on Oxford Street.

Mothercare plans to sell pajamas “Born to Rule” and “Princess/Prince in Training” items.

The jellies wish the baby a warm “Welcome!”

Brands Can’t Wait For The Royal Baby To be Born 3

The jellies of the British Company Bassett wish “Welcome” to the couple’s girl. In her honor, the company placed posters in all London but also in front of the Buckingham Palace. The commercial appeared in the newspapers and wishes a “Sweet Welcome” to the little girl.

Seraphine clothing brand is on the famous British buses

Brands Can’t Wait For The Royal Baby To be Born 4

The clothing brand for newborns Seraphine capitalizes on the imminent arrival of the royal couple’s child paying ads on the famous British buses. They wonder:” Is it a girl? Is it a boy?”

The store also plans to launch an advertising campaign for congratulating the birth of the royal child.

Royal Mint offers silver coins for the newborns from the same day

Brands Can’t Wait For The Royal Baby To be Born 5

Royal Mint will release 2.013 silver coins that will be offered to the parents for the babies that will be born in the same day as the royal couple’s child. The Royal Mints are estimated at £50.000 and are marked with the symbol of the royal crown shield. The parents have 60 days to raise the commemorative coin, by making proof of birth in advance.

Pampers has created a blanket from tweets

Brands Can’t Wait For The Royal Baby To be Born6

P & G Pampers brand, along with Saatchi & Saatchi Agency in London have tailored for this occasion a blanket on which are written wishes addressed to the royal couple on Twitter.

Pampers invited last week all the people to send greetings on #babyblanket. The blanket was created during July 18 – 21 and was exhibited in London.

Unilever prepared commemorative Persil boxes

Brands Can’t Wait For The Royal Baby To be Born 7

The Unilever competitor does not stand idly by, creating Persil detergent for baby clothes in commemorative boxes. These will be released as soon as Kate gives birth to the royal baby. The package has gold and commemorative inscriptions.

The Star FM radio station keeps up with the trend

Brands Can’t Wait For The Royal Baby To be Born 6

The independent radio station Star FM welcomes royal baby through a rebrand that will last a week. Thus, Star FM is, this week, Baby Cambridge- a rename that will mark even the building of the company, not just the employees.

Every presenter that will refer to the radio station with the old name, Star FM, will have to donate £5 to the Rosie Maternity Hospital.

The first royal baby born “in the social media environment”

Brands Can’t Wait For The Royal Baby To be Born 10

The newborn will be the first royal baby born in the booming social media, meaning that the birth will be mostly enjoyed on Facebook and Twitter. Marie Stafford, planning foresight director at JWT London says that the royal family is now closer to the people and this thing means that they could even provide comments on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.


Brands Can’t Wait For The Royal Baby To be Born 11

The Retail Research Centre estimates that the birth of the royal child will inject $366 million in the UK economy. The impact will be felt globally, thing that also happened when the couple got married in 2011. Then, Amazon sold a $23 replica of the wedding ring and the Dunkin’ Donuts released a limited edition of a heart-shaped royal wedding cake.

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