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Bioluminescence –Fascinating Phenomenon in the Maldives

A gorgeous sea! That’s all you can say when seeing the following pictures and all you have left to do is to wonder about it for minutes. We’re talking about the fascinating phenomenon in Maldives.

Bioluminescence –Fascinating Phenomenon in the Maldives 5

The bioluminescence is a phenomenon that seems detached from another world. It is formed by the phytoplankton (plants and animals that live at a depth of 200 meters, which are food for the fish) disturbed by the presence of excessive oxygen. Numerous species like these ones are known for the fact that they glow during the night.

Shore bioluminescence is a very rare phenomenon that takes place offshore, especially when big ships pass through an area populated by bacteria and excite the oxygen.

Bioluminescence –Fascinating Phenomenon in the Maldives 6

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