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Bill Gates’s Million Dollar Home

15 Oct 2014 by admin

For decades, Bill Gates has been and still is one of the richest men in the world. Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation (1977), along with his childhood friend, and has a fortune estimated at $115 billion.

In July 2008, Gates retired from Microsoft and gave his operations to some reliable employees, dedicating his life to charity.

However, as he mentioned back then, this decision did not necessarily mean a complete retirement of the head of the company that he lead for 30 years, but only a ” change of priorities”.

Bill Gates's Million Dollar Home 2

Bill Gates remained Microsoft chairman and gives advice on new products and strategies of the IT giant.

Later, as co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he donated billions of dollars to fight poverty and disease and to support education.

However, he still had left plenty of money to live in luxury. In this respect, a good example is his mansion located on the eastern shore of Lake Washington, nicknamed Xanadu 2.0, located in the elegant suburb of Medina, Washington, USA.

Bill Gates's Million Dollar Home

The house is just 15 minutes from Seattle and 15 minutes from the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, which is located north-east.

The house is located on a hill overlooking the lake and a large part of the building was built as an underground shelter. This artificial hill or mound offers privacy and excellent insulation.

Bill Gates's Million Dollar Home 3

Gates bought the land in 1988, with two million dollars, started the works in 1990 and completed it in 1997, the entire building site costing $63.2 million.

Much of the house is made of recycle materials, Gates investing another $2 million in a company that recycles timber, the wood being the basic element used in building this colossal construction project.

More than 100 electricians were called to deal with the extensive technological system of the house, which is fed by dozens of computers and 52 miles of fiber optic cables.

Bill Gates's Million Dollar Home 8

In fact, the house is a marvel of technology, some of the applications being controlled through the mobile phone or through a simple voice command.

For example, the hot tub can be filled and the water temperature set by Gates, while he is on his way home, with a special GPS.

The lights automatically turn on when you get inside the house, the speakers are hidden under the wallpaper so that the music follows you as you explore the house. Even the pictures are digital, the images changing occasionally.

Bill Gates's Million Dollar Home 10

With a remote control, you can adjust the light, the temperature and you can activate the electronic devices in the house. The temperature and the light can be automatically adjusted according to personal characteristics. You can watch a movie while doing the tour of the house because the film can be projected in the room where you are.

The mansion has also an extensive security system. The activity registered inside and out, can be viewed by cameras hidden in walls, ceilings, trees and even in stones.

The sensors in the house can watch people, on each floor, with an accuracy of six centimeters. The home security system is also monitored remotely by the security team at Microsoft Redmond campus.

Bill Gates's Million Dollar Home 7

The mansion has seven bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, a huge library, a cinema and a gym (2,500 square meters), and a pool with an area of 95 square meters, which extends both inside and outside and is equipped with an underwater sound system.

Another major luxury of his estate is the beach on the shores of Lake Washington, where there is sand imported each year from the tropical paradise of the Caribbean Windward Islands – St. Lucia.

The house has an area of 6,100 square meters, a yard of 2.1 acres and is built on four levels. It is worth approximately $150 million, and the annual tax is $1 million. But the “father” of Microsoft earns about $250 per second.

Bill Gates's Million Dollar Home 6

There are many garages that can accommodate about 30 cars each, and one of them turns into an indoor basketball court at the touch of a button.

Bill Gates is so passionate about an old maple that is now 40 years old, which grew near the alley of the property that he installed sensors and a computer to monitor the health of the tree, 24 hours a day, and its water needs.

Bill Gates's Million Dollar Home 11

Finally, one of the most impressive characteristics of this mansion is the reception hall, which is built largely underground. The room can accommodate 200 people for cocktails or parties and includes an entire wall of high-definition video screens.

A kitchen and a restaurant are located right next to the room, to prepare food and drinks during the parties. The banquet hall exceeds 2,300 square meters.