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Benefits of Working Out in High Heels

High heels are indeed the eternal feminine. Every woman who respects herself needs to own at least a pair of shoes or sandals with heels over 2 inches. We could call them a must if we guide ourselves after the trends, but when it comes to our health, things get complicated. There are serious arguments, that can convince you to let go the high heels even just for a couple of days, which include: the slippage of your feet, corns and ingrown nails, Achilles tendon disorders, maintaining the balance and the incorrect body posture, the mounts, flat feet, the hammer toes and much more.

Benefits of Working Out in High Heels 1

Despite all the disadvantages brought by wearing high heels, in the USA, a new type of class that is based on the classical fitness is a sensation. In an exclusivist club from Beverly Hills, women come every night, take off their snickers and put on their high heels. In this way, they prepare themselves for the course they attend to lose weight, they become more flexible or they simply maintain their silhouette, and, why not, they learn how to keep their balance on heels. This is called fitness in heals, the name describing the activity they join.

A lot of women, who participate on the course, don’t wear high heels as much as they would want to. They couldn’t pay for someone to teach them how to walk in heels and they don’t have enough time to practice, so this activity helps them very much. Plus, if you bought a pair of high heels and you don’t have a place to wear them, you can show it in front of other women.

Of course, lots of people doubt that this course is beneficial, because everybody knows that wearing high heels for a long period of time can start many problems. But those who teach this class say that fitness on high heels strengthens the leg muscles, those of the abdomen and the back and improves the posture.

A one hour session costs $15 and begins with yoga on heels, including moments when they do aerobics. In rest, they do dancing in front of the mirrors on hip hop rhythms, feeling positive and beautiful. Towards the end, all women simply practice walking in heels, under the critical eyes of their colleagues.

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