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Beats by Dr Dre Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Who hasn’t heard of the famous headphones from Beats by Dr Dre? Promoted by footballers, singers and Hollywood stars, these gadgets are extremely appreciated even though they are quite expensive. But are they really so good as they are famous?

The headphones from Beats by Dr Dre are designed for modern music and for those seeking the sensation of music played in the club, with the highly accentuated bass and less accurate acute.

Beats by Dr Dre Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

According to the experts, the wireless version, white with red and silver, is more beautiful than comfortable. For short distances you won’t feel the discomfort, but after a 3 hour flight, you might want to take them off.

They are extremely easy to use, the connection through Bluetooth to various laptops, smartphones and other devices being extremely easy to do. Beats abound in buttons that you will be able use by making use of your tactile sense, because they are differentiated from each other by grooves inspired by the Braille alphabet.

The background noise is extremely well managed. Even if you’re on a train or in a car station, you will be able to listen to music at a reasonable volume, and it’s no longer necessary to compensate the surrounding noise.

Most important thing to know about the headphones from Beats by Dr Dre is that they are doing very well with playing a sound regardless of the device they are connected to. However, if the files are too compressed and their quality is poor, Beats will do a good job but they won’t be able to compensate entirely.

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