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Aquaplaning and the Danger of Driving on Wet Roads

Unfortunately, summer went by too fast this year and the cold season is already here, bringing us long and dreary rainy days that will put drivers in difficulty. One of the major problems of this time of year is the aquaplaning.

Aquaplaning and the Danger of Driving on Wet Roads

Aquaplaning is defined as the skidding of a car that runs at high speed, a slippage that occurs due to the water found between the road and tire. What actually happens is that the tire grooves become incapable of dislocating the water on the road, which leads to the total loss of adhesion.

It doesn’t matter how many years of driving experience you have, because this phenomenon can take you by surprise and affect you. Normally, aquaplaning occurs also because the state of wear of the tires, so it would be good to keep in mind that a set of summer tires will not help you as well as a set of winter tires when driving on a wet road. Following the same register, take into account that the waste tires with minimized grooves will not help you at all. Another extremely important thing is the fact that you must always adapt your speed to the road condition.

Aquaplaning and the Danger of Driving on Wet Roads 2

When you experience this phenomenon, the wheels begin to slip and the braking maneuvers, accelerating and turning cannot be controlled. Avoid sudden steering movements or brutal press of the brake pedal because this will worsen the situation.

If you experience aquaplaning, is recommended to easily lift your foot off the accelerator until the car slows down and the tires touch the road surface.

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