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Apple 1 Personal Computer Sold for $387.750 at a Christie’s Auction

11 Jul 2013 by admin

Because of the alert rhythm the technology is advancing, 37 years are enough for a computer to become a collection piece. During an online auction of 16 days, Christie’s House sold 10 Apple computers and software diskettes built in the beginnings of the company. The most valuable piece is Apple 1 Personal Computer, built manually by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of $387.750.

Apple 1 Personal Computer Sold for $387.750 at a Christie’s Auction 1

Used to the extravagant auctions, Christie’s put up for sale a nine-lot Apple computers and software for Apple II,” First Bytes: Iconic Technology from the Twentieth Century”, which brought together pieces that are usually exhibited in museums such as The Smithsonian or present in private collections.

The story of the Apple Company started pretty simple, in a garage from Los Altos, California, where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have manually assembled one of the first personal computers in 1976. Apple 1, as it was named, was assembled in 200 copies and sold for $666,66 to some enthusiasts of the tech phenomenon, which was starting to grow in Sylicon Valley. The computer itself was not related at all with what we call today a computer, being just a motherboard mounted on a wooden frame, with a keyboard, source and monitor, separately sold.

Apple 1 Personal Computer Sold for $387.750 at a Christie’s Auction 5

37 years later, the same computer, engraved with the series number 01-0025 was sold for $387.750, 581 times more, representing the biggest sale made by the Christie’s during an online auction. The price is still little in comparison with another copy Apple 1 sold in Germany for $671.400.

During the same auction sustained by the Christie’s, there was sold also a Macintosh SE with a semi-transparent case, manufactured in 1987 (at the price of $6.250), a prototype of the first portable computer Macintosh and one of the precursors of the modern laptops (1987 – $2.500), an Apple accompanied by floppy disk (1983-1984 – $1.375), and the anniversary edition of Macintosh launched 20 years from the company’s foundation (1997 – $2.500).