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Amazing Robot Barman that Reads Body Language

25 Sep 2013 by admin

This following gadget is the funniest and the smartest robot in the world. Meet James! He is your personal bartender who knows when you want a drink or not because he can read body language. Isn’t that amazing?

Amazing Robot Barman that Reads Body Language 1

The Joint Action in Multimodal Embodied Systems (James) robot is an EU-funded project that started in 2011.

In general, the robots have a problem: they don’t like the real world because they like things to be tidy, orderly and predictable – preferable with optical codes printed on everything.

Bielefeld University contributed to the James project by studying how people order drinks and programed that knowledge into the robot. “Currently, we are working on the robot’s ability to recognize when a customer is bidding for its attention,” says De Ruiter. “Thus, we have studied the process of ordering a drink in real life.”

“Effectively, the customers identify themselves as ordering and non-ordering people through their behavior,” says psychologist Dr. Sebastian Loth. When asked in a BBC interview how people learned this ordering behavior, de Ruiter said that it was entirely natural and “like learning to breathe.”