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Amazing Oasis of the Seas Cruise Ship

One gigantic cruise ship, the largest in the world, can be seen at the shores of Europe. The Cruise with the suggestive name “Oasis of the Seas” is stationary these days in the Port of Spain, Malaga. For the first time in five years it was launched on the water, crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Europe. On board are accommodated 6,300 passengers that are served by 2,300 crew members.

The ticket price corresponds to the immensity and luxury that it offers. For seven days spent in a cabin with a balcony with sea view, you will have to pay 200 Euros.

Amazing Oasis of the Seas Cruise Ship 2

The floating city is divided into seven areas covering almost all needs for fun that one can have during a vacation, from cinema to ski, from opera to extreme sports, botanical garden and zoo or green spaces for relaxation: Central Park, the Boardwalk, Pool & Sports Zone, Royal Promenade, Vitality at Sea Spa & Fitness, Entertainment Place and Youth Zone.

One of the many innovations of the Oasis of the Seas is Central Park – the first floating park in the world with 12,175 plans from 93 different species, including 56 trees. There were needed almost 6 years to built the ship with 16 passenger decks, from which the highest one is found at 65 meter above the sea level.

The gigantic vessel – the biggest in the world – is 360 meters long, 65 meters wide, with a capacity of 6,296 passengers and crew of 2,706 members.

Oasis of the Seas that belongs to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, cost around 800 million pounds.

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