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Amazing Eco-friendly Luxury Hotels

It’s almost like a paradox to think that opulent hotels that offer five star services have a great respect for the environment. But, according to these two concepts must coexist.

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Just one hour away from Tokyo, tourists can find a secluded spa that concentrates the geothermal energy of the area to offer the clients an unforgettable vacation, bathed in the natural springs nearby renowned for their healing effects. Hoshinoya Karuizawa was built in the traditional style of the Japanese settlements named ryokan and offers all guests eco trips by walking or cycling.

The resort is based on hydroelectricity generated by the rivers that cross this gorgeous mountainous area and the food is supplied by the local farmers.

At Hoshinoya Karuizawa, accommodation for one, in a standard room, at the beginning of the July, costs $6.034 per night. The price does not include meals.

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Another interesting option in terms of eco-friendly hotels is the Lodge Lagoon in Guatemala, a five stars boutique which offers beautiful views of the Atitlan Lake but also a gorgeous volcanic trio. The apartments here are created from a mix of volcanic rock, palm and adobes, being decorated with Mayan ancient objects.

The resort functions exclusively with renewable solar energy, reuses the water used for different domestic activities, collects rainwater and grows organic vegetables. The food offered to tourists does not include meat. The prices at Lodge Lagoon vary between $240 and $370 a night for a double room and in the moment of reservation they ask for a nonrefundable deposit of $300. Breakfast and the welcome drink are included.

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The British complex The Scarlet from Cornwall is an Ayurvedic inspired spa that integrates the characteristics of the environment in its design. Here, tourists can attend yoga courses, dance, surf, riding and can learn about sustainability. Here too is used solar energy and the rainwater is collected in order to be used.

For the beginning of July, a double room with balcony and free WiFi at The Scarlet costs $678 a night (VAT included). Breakfast and dinner are included.

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Three hours away from Sydney, in the heart of Greater Blue Mountains, there’s the Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa. Tourists that arrive here have to choose from 40 luxury apartments built in the traditional rural style from Australia and equipped with terraces and pool.

Considered to be the first luxury resort in Australia concentrated on protecting the environment, this property is also the first that obtained the certificate through the carbonNZero program, maintained during three years due to the therapeutic programs from the station and the use of renewable energy.

By the end of last year, over 200.000 trees were planted in the area, being reintroduced the Wollemia pine, one of the rarest endangered tree species. At the Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, an apartment with a double bed apartment, equipped with the pool and the veranda, costs $1.879 a night, at the beginning of July. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

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A lush sanctuary that promises intimacy for the tourists and unforgettable experiences among exotic animals from Africa, Garonga Safari Camp is indeed an exquisite destination. Here, guests are hosted in spacious tents equipped with wooden bridges, hammocks, huge beds with canopies and indoor or outdoor showers. The offer of the lush complex in South Africa includes safari trips, spa services, promenades in the wild and the opportunity to sleep under the open sky.

At the Garonga Safari Camp, the wastes are transformed into natural gas, which is then reused for the kitchen oven.

The resort uses solar energy, recycles the water used for domestic activities and grows vegetables, and the cars in the area are powered by biodiesel.

A double room in the Safari Camp complex is priced at $540 a night, at the beginning of July, meals not being included in the price.

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