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Amazing Armadillo-T Foldable Electric Micro-Car by KAIST

Armadillo-T foldable electric micro-car is an electric car that folds in half, which was unveiled by the researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

Amazing Armadillo-T Foldable Electric Micro-Car by KAIST 4

The wonder-car that allows drivers to park in tight spots within dense urban environment was conceived by a research team led by In-Soo Suh associate professor of the Graduate School for Green Transportation at KAIST.

This micro-car shrinks from 2.8 meters down to 1.65 meters, whenever the owner needs to park it in a small parking place. “Once folded, the small and lightweight electric vehicle takes up only one-third of a five metre parking space, the standard parking size in Korea,” said Suh. “Just as armadillos hide themselves inside the shell, Armadillo-T tucks its rear body away,” Suh added.

Amazing Armadillo-T Foldable Electric Micro-Car by KAIST 6

Just using a remote control, the driver can roll up the back of the car, spin it 360 degrees into the right position and reverse it snugly into a parking space.

This prototype car includes two seats and a motor in each of the four heels, the battery and the motors keeping their same place when the car folds.

The Armadillo-T weighs 450 kilograms, can reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h and can travel 100 km on a 10 minute charge of battery.


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