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Alpha House In Brazil By Studio Fabrício Roncca

22 Jan 2015 by admin

Modern, luxurious and designed with great attention to detail, the Alpha House can be found in Brazil as sketched by Studio Fabrício Roncca. It boasts a relatively simple exterior based on sharp angles and rough industrial finishes. When designing the house, the architects drew inspiration from the architecture of the Paulista School and from gorgeous New York Soho lofts.

With its open spaces, subtle décor elements and minimalist look, the Alpha House is able to support a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Its highlights are represented by a living room with a comfortable sofa, a decent-sized swimming pool, modern lighting arrangements and pinball machines that guarantee great entertainment opportunities.

The materials used in the construction process are of the highest quality. The cold appearance of the white walls and rough finishes are balanced by a large interior brick wall that contributes to a welcoming, warm atmosphere.