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Alcatraz Island will Host a Luxury Hotel

One of the most controversial places in the world is the former Alcatraz prison and on the same island it will be built a hotel with “no security”. The authorities want to give this place a touristic value by building a hotel because of the growing demands of those who want to visit the island.

After San Francisco, Alcatraz is the second popular tourist destination, and therefore, erecting a hotel in the area to allow visitor access will significantly increase the value of tourism.

Alcatraz Island will Host a Luxury Hotel 3

Every year, 1.5 million visitors walk on the place where once the famous Alcatraz prison was. The tickets are sold well in advance.

Most people arrive by ferry to the island and have access to visit a small area of Alcatraz, while the remaining hectares are not accessible to the public. The visitors are attracted to this closed side that hides wild places and the room where the guards and the prisoners had fun (bowling alley and the scene of theater).

Alcatraz Island will Host a Luxury Hotel 2

A hotel in the area, built in the same structure that used to host the guards, will offer visitors 24 hours access at “The Rock”.

The future construction includes casinos, night life entertainment and maybe even a new jail. There will also be cafes and the island will be visited entirely. The project will be implemented in the next 20 years, will be put on paper and then the authorities will establish the budgets.

Alcatraz Island will Host a Luxury Hotel 6

Alcatraz was closed in 1963, but the status of the island is maintained as a national and historical brand. Alcatraz prison was established when the federal government wanted to show the public that it was extremely strong in front of crime. There were never accommodated more than 275 prisoners, despite the fact that the maximum capacity was of 336 places. The prisoners weren’t allowed to talk to each other, except during lunch or moment of leisure.

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