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Akoya, the Aircraft with Hidden Talents

A small class aircraft, Akoya is the first plane capable of landing on the ground, water or snow without modifications from an environment to another. It can transport two passengers with the speed of a cruise of over 200 km/h on a distance of over 1000 km, using on average, the same amount of fuel from the tank of a limousine.

Akoya, the Aircraft with Hidden Talents 1

Produces by the French company Lisa Airplanes, Akoya remembers the 50s and the 60s vision about the evolution of individual transport. People thought that the future will mean giving up the highways and lifting the cars in the air.

We haven’t reached that stage yet, but the possibility for a plane to land and to take off from any kind of surface is a step forward. According to the producers, Akoya is the first aircraft capable of adapting on the go to the weather conditions on the runway. In addition to the usual landing gear, the plane benefits from two “flippers” conceived for water slide and a pair of skis that are attached to the wheels by pressing one button preparing the contact with the snow.

Akoya, the Aircraft with Hidden Talents 4

From various points of view, the plane looks like a high class car. It includes a luggage carrier for transporting things, occupies a surface similar to a van when the wings are closed (7.90 length x 3.90 wide) and can be customized with several color options for the interior.

The manufacturer’s specifications say that the fuel tan of a large sedan (70 liters) offers a range of 1000 km at an average speed of 200-250 km/h. The aircraft needs a 200 meters track to take off and is operated by a propeller placed above the cockpit.

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