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Aesop Covent Garden by Ciguë

Aesop Covent Garden is the fifth store designed by the French studio Ciguë. The designer team conceived for this space shelves with rounded edges, similar to those in the old dwellings from Greece, Spain and Italy. The curved plaster specific to the Mediterranean architecture, is a defining element of the interior design belonging to the capillary care brand Aesop in Covent Garden, London.

Aesop Covent Garden by Ciguë 1

“We did a residential project for a family in Paris and the staircase was in traditional plaster,” said the designer Hugo Haas. “I thought this finish would make a really beautiful concept for Aesop.”

The shelves are split in seven distinct areas, to highlight the product line of the Aesop Company, while the sink and the countertop are placed along one wall.

The floor is dominated by a green hexagonal pattern with small geometric inserts. This hexagonal motif is also picked up elsewhere, including on the perforations in the sink’s plughole.”It’s possible you don’t notice it, and it’s ok,” said Haas, “but I like the feeling when you notice it. It was all about developing a formal language.”, Hass adds.

A custom-made lamp, made from industrial fixtures from 1920s, is suspended from the ceiling, while one of the windows is framed by plants.

One of Aesop stores in Paris is decorated differently, with shelves made of iron nails, while another unit is decorated as a medical lab in the ‘30s. According to the officials, they choose different styles for each store to avoid transforming Aesop into a chain of stores with no personality.

Aesop has made a habit from collaborating with renowned designers, from the Japanese Jo Nagasaka, to the Londoner IIse Crawford and the American architect William O’Brien Jr.

Ciguë is often inspired by history, poetry and inserts vintage elements into the studio work.

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