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Abandoned Space Turned Into a Sustainable and Stable Home for a Young Family

The architects at Ana Williamson are responsible for building this house painted in bold colors that is located in Menlo Park, California. This residence catches the eye of every person who passes on the street and arouses curiosity.

A cottage that was placed on the foundation of the 270 square meters of the property on Cloud Street was in the place of this house. Its modern appearance was added a space of 150 square meters, where it was built a terrace with wooden acetylated floors.

The open, bright and extremely comfortable space is perfect for a young family. Due to the vaulted ceilings, it was possible the installation of dormer windows due to which the house is flooded with light without compromising its privacy. All the areas of the construction are delineated by the central columns around which the plan of the house was organized.

After the client expressed his wishes on the project, the architects have created a sustainable, flexible and creative living space.

As for the exterior finishes, these were made of acetylated wood, extremely efficient in absorbing water, providing durability and stability.

Durability is at the bottom of this building, so that all the materials used were chosen for this purpose.

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