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8 Spectacular Cities Painted In a Single Color

There are places on earth that excite the admiration of tourists through their coloring. There are numerous cities with buildings that are painted in a single color and are part of the top of the most unusual tourist destinations.

Chefchaoen, Morocco

8 Spectacular Cities Painted In a Single Color

Chefchaouen or Chaouen is a city in the northwestern Morocco. It is the capital of the province with the same name and is distinguished by its buildings painted in shades of blue. The ancient city has served as a refuge for Jews during the Spanish Reconquista in the Middle Ages. Also, here lived many refugee Jews in the 30s and in housing renovation was used blue whitewash. Today, the color has become representative for this city, most of the houses adopting this color.

Ubrique, Spain

8 Spectacular Cities Painted In a Single Color 2

It is one of the most famous White Towns of Andalusia. There are over 1,500 towns and white villages in Spain. This color is used because the temperature here is extremely hot during the long and dry summers and ‘white ‘acts as a reflective layer for the sun, keeping the cool inside. The village is located in the province of Cadiz and has over 17,000 inhabitants.

Piodao, Portugal

8 Spectacular Cities Painted In a Single Color 3

Piodao is a historical village situated on the slopes of the Serra do Açor, a mountain in central Portugal. Because of the building material that is found in the area, almost all the houses are brown. In the 80s it was considered the typical model of the Lusitanian village.

Collonges-la-Rouge, France

8 Spectacular Cities Painted In a Single Color 4

This village is located 23 km southeast of the city of Brive, and its characteristic is that all the villages are built of local sandstone, which is very red. The city is frequented by tourists who are very amazed by the monochrome coloring. The town is part of the Association of the Most Beautiful Places in France.

Jodhpur, India

8 Spectacular Cities Painted In a Single Color 5

Jodhpur is a blue spot in the middle of the Thar Desert, which is why it is called the Blue City. Every facade is whitewashed in blue, without anyone imposing this thing. Nobody knows why the locals did this thing, but it is assumed to be linked to the existing caste system in India. The city has also a historical center full of forts, palaces and temples.

Jaipur, India

8 Spectacular Cities Painted In a Single Color 6

Nicknamed the “Pink City”, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan region. All the buildings here are covered with pink marble. For the things to get a surreal shade, aside from the pink buildings, here you can also meet elephants, camels and cows. The city was founded in 1727 by Sawai Jai Singh II. The pink color is a different story:  the town “dressed” in pink in 1863, in honor of a visit of Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria.

Izamal, Mexico

8 Spectacular Cities Painted In a Single Color 7

Izamal is a city in the Mexican state of Yucatan, located at 72 km from the state capital, Merida. The city has been inhabited since ancient times, having a long history. It has 15,000 inhabitants and is known as the Yellow City. Wandering through the narrow streets and yellow houses, you can encounter old churches or Mayan pyramids.

Juzcar, Spain

8 Spectacular Cities Painted In a Single Color 8

Juzcar is a town in the province of Malaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain. In spring 2011, all the buildings here, including the church and the tombstones, were painted blue to celebrate the premiere of The Smurfs. There were used over 4000 gallons of paint.

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