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8 Haunted Hotels that are Still Taking Guests

25 Aug 2014 by admin

Disney World hosts a very popular tourist attraction called the “Tower of Terror“, which is enveloped in a story about a successful hotel that was bewitched and now ghosts lurk its halls. Of course, this hotel was designed only for scaring tourists, but there are real hotels that have similar stories out there.

The following hotels are haunted are still taking guests!

The Hotel Chelsea in New York City is haunted by Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistol’s girlfriend, who died here. She is said to appear with Sid himself, who overdosed on heroin shortly after she died.

Lord Baltimore Hotel in Maryland “hosts” the ghost of a young girl, who committed suicide one night long ago on the 19th floor of this location. She still roams the halls in a cream dress and plays with her red ball, and that is not all…the elevator mysteriously stops at the 19th floor even if nobody pushes the button.

52 years after her death, Marilyn Monroe is still standing at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Visitors can even rent out the suite named after her and hang out with the actress.

The Seven Sisters Inn in Ocala, FL is haunted by seven spirits: two of them are founders of the inn, four children ghosts and one “flirty” gentleman from the 1950s.

Casa Monica Hotel in Augustine, Florida is also haunted. It is said that a man hung himself in room 511 and ghost children have been heard running through the halls of the hotel.

“The Lovelorn Lady” haunts Hotel Galvez. A lady who checked into the hotel to await her fiancé to return from sea, hung herself out of grief because his ship sunk off the coast of Florida. She’s still waiting for him to return to her.

The Stanley Hotel served as inspiration for Stephen King’sThe Shining“. It is said that ghosts hold parties in the ballroom and steal people’s luggage.

Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, Washington is inhabited by the ghosts of its original owners, Chester and Anna Thorne. The bridal suite has Anna’s original bedroom mirror and the spooked out brides claim to see the lady of the manor’s reflection behind them while peering into it.