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78000 People Applied for One-Way Trip to Mars

People’s dream of traveling to space is closer to reality and more want to visit the fantastic world. Thousands of applications have been received within two weeks after the announcement of an establishment of a human colony to Mars was made.

78000 People Applied for One-Way Trip to Mars 1

The mission is promoted and supported by the Dutch nonprofit organization named Mars One. 2022 is the year when a crew will be sent to mars. The astronauts who travel there cannot return to earth.

Even though this trip implies many dangers and prospects of a lifelong stay on Mars, this trip attracted more than 78,000 applications.

Mars spacecraft

The mission will not be simple for the astronauts, who will have to participate in the construction work of the red planet, and to be part of the research team that will try to investigate the geological history of the planet.

The applicants will be accepted upon their passion for exploring new adventures and after that they will have to participate at an eight-year training.


People all across the world are interested in this life changing experience, in being part of this unique and grandiose experiment.

The costs of the mission reach $6 million, and much of this amount will have to be raised by the participants, proving that they are good fundraisers.

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